Autumn bluster and your safety

Dear All,

Just a couple of safety issues:


The summer light is fading and with it goes the freedom for less experienced coxes, crews and scullers to head out in the early evenings without a bank party or lights.

Can all crews who intend to venture out in the evenings please ensure they have a bank party, working lights on their boats, an experienced cox who knows the navigation rules of the river and a mobile phone that is in a waterproof case.


We’ve had some blustery weather of late and as the autumn season edges towards winter the conditions will deteriorate. We’ll endeavour to keep the flag status current, however that is not a replacement for common sense. If the wind is very high, if there is lightning across the sky or a chance of flooding then: DON’T GO OUT!


A little prevention goes a long way. Please dress appropriately for the cooler weather. Bring layers with you and on a wet day, waterproof splashtops or something similar.  Hypothermia can come on quickly if you are wet and tired after a hard outing and then fall in the river. Here’s a link to some NHS advice.


Please endeavour to keep your water bottles out of the bottom of the boat, get a water bottle with a lid or put them inside a plastic bag to avoid mixing river water with your drinking water. Please also wash your hands after you come off the river, have a shower as soon as possible and launder your rowing kit. Here’s a revolting link to the HSE’s advice on Weil’s disease.

Many apologies for sounding like your mother.


Your safety officer,

Paul Casciato