Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all from Champion of the Thames rowing club. We are so pleased we have been able to welcome a number of new members to the club in 2021. This beautiful picture of Clare Boat House where scullers and some crews are very appreciative to row from was drawn by Hang Zhou, one our great new members who have completed their induction and are now going out regularly on the river. 

Christmas Head, 2021

Champs entered several crews into the Christmas Head this Saturday 4 December, in true spirit as always. Great to see several men’s 8s out for this event for Champs and also many different combinations of singles, doubles, quads and eights with several people doing multiple races.  A great event thanks to City for organising it and such a joy to be back on the river again. 

Trish and Denise won their category as Fasters Masters in 8.13 adjusted time. And congratulations to Steve Millar who won the Open Masters D to F in an adjusted time of 8.26. Well done all!

Champs took advantage of the opportunity to get into fancy dress and the photos say it all!

Peloton crew
ArgoDreads ready for action
A pair of doubles…
Shiver me timbers, lads

Fairbairns 2021

On Friday 3 Dec a combination of W1 and W2 joined the much loved Fairbairns race. It always signals the start of Christmas and is such a good reason to take a day off work! We were really pleased to be coxed by Catherine Stewart our new President who really knows how to drive a crew on! The race was followed by a crew lunch – what’s not to like! We were really pleased to be able to do this race together again.

Catjherine, our cox and club President, at the helm
W1/W2 racing in the Faribairns