Introducing our Captains

Samuel Venn: Men’s Captain

After 5 years as Safety Officer, Sam became Senior Men’s captain in 2020.  In 2018, Sam stroked a Champs IV+ around the 100k Ringvaart regatta in the Netherlands. Sam became a father in 2019, and is looking forward to the day when his son can join in rowing as well! Please contact Sam if you have any questions about senior men’s rowing.

Samantha Hulston: Women’s Captain Senior Boats:  

Sam used to live in Quebec where the temperatures got to -40 in the winter, so walks outside led to your eyelashes freezing! Sam’s first BR race was the Ouse half marathon in a 4+ where they won their category.  

Sarah Corcoran: Women’s Captain Intermediate Squad (Sarah on the left)

Tim Seru: Men’s Captain Intermediate Squad

Tim will continue to support Sam with organising the men’s crews. Little known fact about Tim, (unless you are Fijian) is that his middle name (Turagalialia) means ‘mad gentleman of the moon”.

Carole Mills: Sculling Captain

Carole was already VET D when she took up sculling but she has always spent as much time as she can on or in the river, starting with childhood holidays on an island in the Thames at Henley which was where she learned to swim and to love messing around in boats.

Carpe Diem

donna 1Carpe Diem!
As a lawyer, Donna would have appreciated the Latin. But reflecting on the tragic death of Donna, it also sums up how she lived her life.

In whatever she was doing: rowing, teaching, being a mother and a friend, Donna had a determination to enjoy the day and live it to the full. And she wanted to help those around her do the same. She valued her many long-term friends but always made new people welcome and part of the fun. Her sense of optimism, that anything was possible, even when three bumps down, was infectious. Her determination to try harder, to push for more when three bumps up was inspiring. Donna made sure though that after the hard work and the challenges, that there was the party, the dancing, the lengthy crew ‘planning’ discussions in her kitchen with her children, Kate and George, adding to the warmth and laughter. Donna had incredible generosity – sharing the things that she and her family enjoyed with genuine enthusiasm.

donna 2All at Champs will have their own personal memories of Donna and many will have known her in her ‘other’ lives. As a true and faithful friend, an excellent source of common sense and insightful advice, a Southwold camping veteran and champion crabber, a restorer of houseboats, a true professional, a wise teacher and a good neighbour and as a loving, proud, passionate mother.

Our hearts go out to Kate and George and Donna’s family and close friends. Theirs is a terrible, tragic, bewildering and shocking loss. Donna’s zest for life, her determination to make the most of every day and her joyful laughter will be missed by all of us.

Jules, Ysanne, Rosie, Stella and Kathy

Champs Party

Everyone had a lovely time and drank more than strictly required.

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