How to use CRA Boathouse, Logan’s Way

Champs share Logan’s Way, also known as the new CRA building, with a number of other CRA boat clubs. So, be aware that there will be times when it is busy. Keep possessions to a minimum due to limited space, tidy up after yourself and be respectful of other clubs and their equipment. 

Accessing and leaving Logan’s Way

There are codes to the perimeter fence, the boat bay building and the Champs locker. Ask your captain for the codes. Lock the locker after you and if you are the last to leave Logan’s Way, make sure the boat bay doors are closed. 

Rowing hours

Unlike at Clare boat house, there are no restrictions on rowing times at Logan’s Way, with the exception of night rowing rules. However, you may want to avoid busy student rowing hours, which are after 11am on Saturday and Sunday and after lighting down, during term time.  At all points in the year, rowing at night is restricted to experienced crews and experienced coxes, with a bank party. For additional information see night rowing

Boats, blades and racking

Boats and blades need to be booked using the Champs Scheduler. Ensure all crew members know which boat and blades are booked out. If for some reason, you need to use different equipment to which you usually use or have permission to use please check with your squad captain first before making a booking. Before you move your booked boat or blades, check that the way is clear from the rack to the water, carefully moving any other equipment necessary. Put any equipment carefully back where you found it. Be particularly careful with and around riggers and hulls! Carry your blades at waist height not on your shoulder, making it easier to see where you are going. Wash and wipe boats down after an outing around the side of the boat bay building. Put boats and blades back where you found them. 

Report any safety issues, including near misses, to the safety officer

Report any equipment damage to the squad captain and equipment officer

The middle rack

If you need to move the middle rack, you need five people to do this safely: two at one end of the rack, two at the other end and one spotter to ensure you stop the rack in time and do not knock other boats. 

Champs locker, including cox boxes and life jackets

Cox boxes, life jackets and lights are in the Champs locker. Check that your cox box is charged before taking it out for an outing and plug it back in to recharge after an outing. Carefully and neatly hang up headsets after an outing. Life jackets need to be worn done-up. Otherwise, they are useless! Junior coxes should wear the larger foam based life jackets as they do not require any action during a capsize. 


The CRA has created a cleaning schedule so that all CRA clubs hosted at Logan’s Way contribute to keeping it clean. Ask your squad captain to find out when your crew will be asked to contribute towards tidying up. Cleaning Logan’s Way will involve putting all lost property in one place, putting all discarded refillable water bottles in one place, recycling abandoned single-use water bottles, sweeping the floor and wiping down the toilet area. If all clubs remember to take belongings home after a session and recycle or throw away any rubbish, then hopefully cleaning will be a quick and easy task. 

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