Winter Rowing

IMG_2556New photo of today’s weather!! Remember crew and coach safety.

If the tow paths are icy- you might be better off without your coach- better not to break them!!

Winter outings need to have a different focus- ie keeping warm over technical fixes.

Technical exercises need to be short duration and the minimum amount of time spent static.  Warm up with ergs first, stretch and then boat quickly.  Hypothermia  is a serious condition and can start very quickly.  Read the British Rowing articles about detecting hypothermia and how to treat it. Wear multiple layers, hats and pogies. Coaches please remind juniors to wear appropriate gear.

Take the wind chill factor into account and also consider your cox- who is not getting warm at any point of the outing.

Better to have a short and sharp outing and be aware that poor visibility created by snow actively falling is the same as fog to your cox- they can’t see!!

Happy warm winter rowing!!!

Thanks to Peter T for great photo of Clare BC hard.