Christmas Head Race 2019

Saturday 7th December 2019, Champs saw another successful day of racing. At Scullers Head on the Thames Carole Mills won the masters E category in her single achieving her first win on The Thames at 24.48.

In Cambridge, Champs made the most of the opportunity to race and dress-up at the same time. We saw 5 women’s 8s racing and some good results. The Juniors were second in the novice category at 8.42 and W1 second in the Club category at 7.54 dressed as Vikings with shields and a dragon made from an old wellie.

Delighted to see Denise Williams racing again after an injury last year and she and Trish Reed, our captain won their Mas F race in a double in 8.17 adjusted time. 

The men’s crews included our ‘young’ Fearnoughts who were second in their championship catagory at 7.20 dressed as Hipster Lumberjacks followed by the elf Argonaughts at 7.49 adjusted time and the Dreadnoughts who looked very cool as the Blues Brothers with a nun Sister Lynn in the coxing seat (8.08 adjusted time).

Sculling school novices

Sculling school takes places most weekends on a Saturday or Sunday. Will Kocur talks about his experience learning to scull with Champs in a double with Rowan Sugden:

We both had experience with sweep rowing before joining the sculling school at Champs, but it was the first time we’d ever sculled. Since we started, we’ve really enjoyed sculling with the club and being part of its fun and supportive community.  The school is informal, but supported by a team of very friendly and committed coaches who put in a lot of time to make sure everyone receives individual feedback throughout outings. We’ve been rowing together in a double for just under two months and are excited to start racing in the next few. Hopefully we can match some of the success of Champs’ experienced scullers (or failing that, just not fall in)!”