Vesta Vets

Today W2 plus Captain Sam and the wonderful Gemma as our cox went to London for a second time in 2 weeks to compete in the Vesta Vets event Vet E category. 

‘Goldilocks conditions’ which means no wind, no big waves and not too cold or too hot! We met a lovely crew from Rome who were also boating from Furnival and called the Thames the Tamigi!

It was Mothers Day as is the tradition for Vesta so we were cheered on from Hammersmith bridge by Harriet waving a ‘go champs’ placard and Lizzi who joined us for post race picnic. We managed an efficient overtake being pushed on by Gemma in pairs.

Furnival were great hosts and it was fun to trailer share with Chesteron. Awesome trailer driving  from Helen  and Trish with a very early start and a hire car in the mix! Very pleased to have had a second opportunity to race on the Tamigi in kinder conditions and alongside fellow vet rowers.