Champs Kit

No date as yet for the next Champs kit order. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and no new inductee rowers kit ordering is on pause.

There are many rowing kit suppliers available. Most are expensive, take at least six weeks to deliver, and may require minimum order quantities. The thing that separates them is the quality of the kit. If you look around the clubs, the kit that usually lasts best in my opinion is JL, which is made in North America. It keeps its colour, stretchiness, and stitching doesn’t come undone. You will see JL kit being worn by rowers in the Cambridge clubs but also by many of the crews in the Olympics too. Crewroom are the UK suppliers of JL.

The kit available is :

  • JL Unisuit (+ crest embroidery) £67.95
  • JL Longsleeve Drywick Tech Top* (+ crest embroidery) £49.95 (thicker fabric)
  • JL Longsleeve Lite Drywick Tech Top* (+ crest embroidery) £41.45 (thinner fabric)
  • JL Shortsleeve Lite Drywick Tech Top* (+ crest embroidery) £40.45
  • JL Vertical Leggings £51.00
  • JL Shorts £40.50
  • Crewroom Heavyweight Hoodie (+ crest embroidery) £35.00
  • JL Sequel Splash Jacket with Chest Pocket(+ crest embroidery) £94.95
  • JL Fleece Lined Splash Jacket with Chest Pocket (+ crest embroidery) £135
  • Crewroom VX Zephyr (+ crest embroidery) £39

I have just added some extra Crewroom kit to the order which is cheaper than the JL kit versions although require higher minimum orders:

Crewroom LS bodyshell Tech top £42

Crewroom vertical leggings £42

Crewroom unisuit £55

Crewroom Tundra Splash Jacket £85

* There is now a women’s fit available for the tech tops – JL need your measurements to create custom sizes, so if you order a tech top and specify a women’s fit I’ll be in contact afterwards. They are also available in unisex.

All kit will have a delivery charge added (usually less than £1 each). Prices are based on at least two items being ordered.

How to Order

Deadlines and Payment

The team room on Crewroom is open for a limited window only from 29th October to 5th November 2019.

The best thing to do is try on some kit. There are lots of people around the club with JL kit; look for the JL symbol at the bottom left on the front of kit. Speak to them to check sizes. If you can’t find anyone, there is a JL Sizing Guide but be aware than kit cannot be returned if it is the wrong size.

Tech tops, Zephyrs and Unisuits are available in a women’s fit, as are the Crewroom leggings and Splash jacket, all other items are all unisex (JL Leggings, shorts, Splash Jacket, Hoodie).

Recommended kit for inductees
If you are just starting as a rower, I’d recommend just ordering the Short Sleeve Tech Top kit item for now. That will make you feel the part when you are racing.

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If you have any questions, contact me here