Using the Race Entry Spreadsheets

We’ve made some minor modifications to the race entry spreadsheets to make them easier to use for boat organisers and easier to process for race float administration.

As before, to enter into a race, add your crew to the Summary of Entries tab. Please don’t change the numbers down the left hand side, or the Unallocated Race Fees column. These are generated automatically. The screenshot below shows what it should look like:

At first, the Unallocated Race Fees will show the same amount as the cost of entry. This means that you haven’t yet allocated the fees to your crew members.

When you know who your crew will be, go to the Crewlists tab. You crew name will have automatically have been copied over in the same order as in the summary page (so if you’re crew no.8 on the summary page, you’ll be crew no.8 in the crewlists page–this makes it easier for us to keep track).

All you need to do is add in your crew’s names and the amount they should each pay. As you do so, the unallocated amount for your crew will go down (on both sheets). Once you’ve entered your whole crew, the unallocated amount should be zero (see screenshot below):

Any unallocated amount will be charged to you as the boat organiser as you are ultimately responsible for the entry fee for your crew.


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