Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the problems that you might be experiencing and what to do about it:

My username and password from the old site don’t seem to work any more

Yes, unfortunately there was no way to migrate your user account across from the old site so you’ll have to register again. This is very easy to do. Simply follow the instructions for registering as a new user.

I can’t find the dashboard

When you log in, you will sometimes be taken directly to the dashboard page. It looks something like this:

If so, you’re already looking at the dashboard. If you’re on a similar page (your profile for example) then you can get to the dashboard by clicking on the link shown above. In fact, if you’re currently logged in now, you can just follow this link to the dashboard.

If when you log in, the page looks more like this (i.e. a normal page on the website):

You should see that there is an extra action bar at the very top of the page with your name on the left. If you hover over your name, a menu will drop down showing Edit my profile,  Dashboard and Log out. In fact, if you’re logged in now, you should see it at the top of this page.

I can’t find the race float widget

See above to find out how to get to your dashboard page. Once you’re there, the page shows a number of different widget. You can drag the widgets around by grabbing their title bars and dragging with the mouse. Alternatively, you can click on screen options button at the top of the Dashboard page as shown below.

This will open up a screen options panel and show you a list of all the widgets. Make sure the Race Float Status widget is ticked and un-tick any other widgets you don’t want to see (you can then close the Screen Options panel as shown below).

My Race Float Status widget says Error member not found

When I look at my Race Float Status Widget, I see a message like the following:

Error: member not found with id=zz and

Please check that you have the correct Member ID and email address in your profile.

For security, your race float status is only available if you use the correct combination of email address and membership ID (so you can’t see other people’s race floats by just putting in their membership ID). So check that you’ve got your membership ID in your profile correctly (see how to do this).

If you’re sure that’s right, then maybe the email address we have for you isn’t the same as the one you’re currently using. If so, please email and let us know which email address you would like us to use.

If you don’t know what your membership number is, then email and we’ll let you know.

My Race Float Status widget says please fill in your Champs Member ID

When I look at my Race Float Status Widget, I see a message like the following:

Please fill in your Champs Member ID in your profile to see your race float. If you don’t know what it is, email

This means that you haven’t yet filled in your Champs Member ID into your profile. See how to do this.