British Rowing Masters Championships – 18th May 2014

 A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by Champs Ladies Scullers in the sunshine and strong cross-winds at Holme Pierrepoint.

The Mistral 2x of Louise Affleck and Trish Reed won a silver medal in the Novice C race battling with Twickenham RC who just beat them and leaving the rest far behind.

The Quadling 4x- of Louise Affleck, Charlotte Allen, Dawn Birch, Trish Reed (Novice B) had a very close race against younger crews without a head start, coming third in the Novice A race.

Many thanks to Brian Ellis for all his hours spent cycling up and down the towpath coaching us

Louise Affleck

Nat masters2014

Zephyrs row the Boston Marathon (and raise £5,000)

September the 15th 2013, saw the Zephyrs embark on their biggest challenge yet. The Boston Marathon, a 50km / 31 mile, rowing race from Lincoln to Boston.

We (and our super sub Rowan) had done as much training as time had allowed (3 x 6kms on the ergs take forever!), worked out our blister strategies and even practiced “Easy, Drink, Row On”, but nothing prepared us for the race itself!

Boston before the race

Setting off at about 11.30am, we made quick time on the sheltered part of the River Witham to the lock where Ian Watson was on hand to help us carry the boat and blades to the other side. Refreshed from a stretch and some food and drink we optimistically set off, only to hit the wind. If you imagine the reach on a very windy day and never reaching the railway bridge, that’s about right! Then luckily, to stop us complaining about the wind, at about 30km it started raining.

Anna was at our 32km pit stop with fresh water and jam sandwiches so refuelled with only 18 km to go, we went for it. A few more quick energy stops were necessary, but we made it to the 48 km marker when the adrenaline kicked in and we picked up the pace towards the finishing line.

We finished in 4 hours 44 minutes, apparently a respectable time considering the conditions!

boston after

So thank you to Ian Watson for the trailering, Anna Whitelock for the driving, Rachel Newell, Pete Brooks and David Levien for subbing, coaching and coxing over the summer and to all others that helped us complete this challenge.

Finally, and most importantly, we did this race to raise money for Rosies ‘off road’ wheelchair. Thank you all for your donations – we have raised over £5,000.

Thank you

Miranda, Carol, Tiggy, Kate, Denise, Nomes, Belinda, SaraK, SarahC (and super sub Rowan)

Champs Juniors on the Thames

 The 16th of June saw the junior girls racing at the Coronation 60th Anniversary Regatta. A packed riverside saw the Champs Juniors race the young ladies from Lady Eleanor Hollis. Unfortunately they lost the round but did a great job of keeping up with the LEH girls.

A Champion picnic, watching the racing, ended the day.

All the Juniors will receive a special commemorative regatta badge to mark the one off regatta. The Champs ladies are very jealous!

Juniors Windsor2 Juniors Windsor

Cox Matt Haynes

Str Hannah Laurenson-Schafer

7 Eve Caroe

6 Cathy Rule

5 Harriet Spivey

4 Sara Treneman

3 Eloise Cross

2 Hannah Cataldo

Bow Catherine Watson


Champs ladies on the Thames

 Saturday 15th June saw the Zephyrs and 326s take a trip down to Windsor for the one off Coronation 60th Anniversary Regatta. Too good an opportunity to miss, but with only a IM3 class, both Champs eights were drawn against the extremely young school crews of Great Marlow and Haberdashers Monmouth.

Unfortunately, both Champs crews were knocked out in the first round, although not before the school girls got a glimpse of what Champs ladies are made of!!

Racing was followed by a trip through the grounds of Windsor Castle and a lovely picnic watching other crews going head to head in the blustery conditions.



champsladies 326s Zephyrs2

Crew lists


1- Sarah C

2- Rachel

3- Denise

4- Nomes

5- Rowan

6- Kate

7- Tiggy

S- Carol

Cox – Miranda


1- Helen C

2- Julie M

3- Julie C

4- Ruth

5- Eve

6- Anna Louise

7- Cynthia

S- Helen A

Cox – Jane



Champs Party

Everyone had a lovely time and drank more than strictly required.

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