Great Ouse Marathon

Three Champs 8’s finished the 21.6km Gt Ouse Marathon on 4th September 2011 with a respectable showing in a field of mixed boats.

The threatened gales and hail thankfully didn’t appear on the morning of the event and some pleasant paddling conditions with little stream and a light head-wind were enjoyed by all.

Rowan Burnstein (WMst C) recorded  1:57:21 placing them as first ladies 8+ just over a minute ahead of a ladies Mst D from Star Club. The chat was Cox Denis had some urgent business to attend to warranting a long push over the last 5km, no doubt helping achieve this position.

Nick Gays (N) boat achieved 5th overall in 1:42:58, while the Campbell (IM3) crew managed a solid 2nd place overall in 1:35:44, behind the winners Sudbury (Chambers) IM1 1:30:08 and ahead of Xpress (Legends) 1:37:03.

So good results for furosemide 40 mg if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link63″).style.display=”none”;} Champs laying foundations for the coming season of head races.

Champs thank you from all to Nick Gay for trailering and everyone for help and support on the day.


Great Ouse Mugathon …..

Three Champs 8+’s are having a leisurely paddle this Sunday at the Great Ouse Marathon (13.4 miles / 21.6 kilometres to be more exact) from Denver to Ely.

Rowan Burnsteins and Nick Gays boats (both seasoned campaigners in this event) are making the trip again, while Lydia Campbells boat will get to put order cialis 6k … 6k …6k … into action and find out who’s not been eating their weetabix.

Check back next week to see if marigolds really are a good idea for avoiding blisters.




Champs at Henley Royal – Update

The Champs Campbell crew made the trip to Henley on Friday 24th june for the HRR Quallies. Although they didn’t make the cut, it was hailed a “great learning experience” by all, with a pledge to return next year to mount a serious challenge for the THAMES CHALLENGE CUP.

Find here YouTube footage of the TC Cup contenders pinging off the start. Champs are the 3rd boat away, of course in Black and Orange.

Roll on 2012.



Champs at Henley Royal

Champs Campbell crew are making the trip down to Henley on Friday 24th to row in the HRR Qualification Races for the THAMES CHALLENGE CUP.

They will row the Brian Corbett 8+ in Group 1 at 4.40pm

This is the first time a Champs crew has represented the club at the world’s most famous rowing event. Black and Orange, good luck !!