Accessing your Champs email

As a club officer, you have access to a Champs email address. You should have been told what the email address is and issued with a new password (which you’re welcome to change).

There are three ways you can access your mail:

  • Webmail via our hosting provider (simple to use)
  • Get Gmail to fetch your emails for you (if you already use Gmail, it can fetch your mail automatically, it’s often possible to do this with other mail providers too)
  • Get your webmail account to forward emails to you (I haven’t tried this yet.)

If you have any problems, or find these instructions don’t work, then let Denis know.

Accessing your mail via the web

The simplest, but most laborious way to access your mail is to head to and type in your email address and password. You’ll then see a basic email client which should do all that you need. The advantage of using this is that you can send emails with the right from address (i.e. your champs officer one).

Automatically fetching your mail from Gmail

If you have a Gmail account already, you can set up your Gmail account to fetch mail from other sources, including your champs mail. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Gmail web client and then choose the cog over in the top right.
  2. Select the Accounts tab and then, next to Check email from other accounts, click on Add an email account.
  3. You’ll then be asked for the email account you want to check, so enter your full champs email address and click Next >>.
  4. In the next form, check that all the fields are set up as shown below (obviously using your Champs email address).
  5. Now click through and keep all the default options. It’s likely that using this method you won’t be able to send emails as but you can still do this with the web mail approach.

Forwarding your email

Another approach is to set up mail forwarding from within your Champs webmail client. Here’s how: forwarding-and-storing-emails-on-webmail.

If you have any problems, let me know