Bumps 2021 Race Report Day 3

W2: Dev Squad: Due to being overbumped, 99s W3 ended up chasing The DEVastators on Wednesday, which left the Champs crew confident that they could hold 99s off. DEVastators had an excellent, smooth start and were able to settle into a strong rhythm as it quickly became clear that 99s were easily left behind. Rob Roy W2 in front quickly bumped City W3, so The Devastators had a good go at overbumping Ely, but by the Reach it became clear that they were not to be caught. It was a hugely satisfying row that gave Champs great race pace practice for the nights to come. (Bonney)

M1: The M1 crew lined up on the start apprehensive about the row ahead. Being in a city sandwich between city 3 and city 4 was always going to be difficult, especially looking at how city 4 had risen through the ranks.

A strong start held off the inevitable for a little time, but the M1 crew were bumped by city 4 just before the A14 bridge. Every cloud has a silver lining though and the crew had a solid row back cheered by fantastic support from the banks. (Simon Brice)

Champs Juniors: Bumpety bump bump!