Head of the Cam 24th April 2021

On the morning of 24/4/21 Champs joined the Chesterton Head of the River race- the first race since lockdown- with great joy and excitement. The weather was perfect and it was a great morning. A combination of 8s, quads, doubles and singles were entered. Winners were the ladies quad Quadrangle who won Masters E (11.35) convincingly. Carole Mills and Louise Affleck won in their double (12.00/ 11.26 adjusted) and Carole in her Masters E single (12.54/12.00 adjusted). All the ergs, circuits and yoga by zoom as well as cycling, running and anything else we could think of have kept us fit but nothing can quite prepare you for those pre race nerves and the lactic acid kicking in after the first few minutes! We are all hopeful for a good summer on the river but every day feels like a bonus at the moment. Thanks Chesterton for organising a great event.