CCJSH 2018 – Cancelled

It is with heavy heart  that the event committee have come to the decision to cancel Sunday’s event in its entirety due to the forecast conditions.

The forecast hasn’t changed enough for racing to be safely possible. We will be expecting a strong flow on the river due to recent rainfall, coupled with a strong, gusting wind in the opposite direction which will lead to white horses on the more exposed parts of the course. Add this to the low temperatures with additional wind chill and likely snow which will make conditions on the bank difficult at the landing stages and on the towpath, we feel that the risk to competitor’s and coaches safety is too high to proceed.

We will be issuing refunds minus a 10% levy which we are keeping to cover event overheads that we cannot recoup (equipment hire, facilities hire and first aid cover).

If you are yet to pay your race fee, please do so for 10% of your entries.

Thank you for your understanding, the 2019 event is scheduled for Sunday March 10th and we hope that you will all be able to join us then.

Jen, Sam & Carole

CCJSH 2018 Event Committee