Pots for this year’s inductees in IM3

The new Men’s A Crew starts on the right foot. On Saturday the 1st of October, we got our first pots as a crew in the IM3 4+ category with a time of 10:47 over 2.6k, just 10.6s ahead of Hughes Hall. We race2016_01_10_im3-winnersd at a steady 28, masterly stroked by Geraint and authoritatively lead by our cox Gemma. Matt at number 3 is an experienced rower, but Michel and myself at bow and 2 respectively, are the off-spring of the induction programme, which the club runs from March to October. We both joined in May, and thanks to its organiser and to the many people in the club that offer their time generously, had all the opportunities to progress quickly. We were surprised and pleased we came together so fast: crews have only just been formed and we had few outings to synchronize as a crew, but there is obviously good will, commitment and some good power. Let’s see where we can take it!
– Francesco Fermani Oct 2016.