Coxing Like A Champ: Introduction

Hello, and welcome to something of a new venture for the Champs website.

Here at Champs, we’re very lucky to have a broad range of people from different backgrounds who want to try coxing, or who find themselves asked at the last minute to jump into the cox’s seat for a race. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for coxes to get specific coaching and advice of their own, especially when the coach has eight rowers to pay attention to; while learning by doing in this way is great,  sometimes having a basic understanding of a certain aspect of coxing before you experience it can make the whole learning process that much easier.

Getting animated during the 2014 May Bumps

That’s where this blog comes in. Coxing Like A Champ aims to be a resource for coxes, both those at Champs and further afield, to learn more about the very specific challengxe that is the ninth seat. Every couple of weeks, I’ll be writing a post about a different aspect of coxing, from steering, to safety, to how to start acting as the ‘coach in the boat’ on those occasions where there’s no-one following you on a bike. If you’re reading these posts, it’s likely that you have some basic experience coxing, but if you’re a novice cox who’s interested in some posts on more fundamental parts of the job, please do get in touch.

But who is this person hiding behind a veil of anonymity, writing pithy observations on the state of coxswain coaching? Well, my name’s Edward. Lovely to meet you. I’ve been coxing for a few years now, and while I really started at Clare Boat Club, I’ve also coxed regularly for Champs, Reading Rowing Club, and Wolfson College, Oxford. I love working with new coxes to improve their skills, particularly as it also reminds me that a good cox should never stop learning themselves, and with that in mind, I hope that this little series will be of interest to you; if you have any questions on anything, would like to make a suggestion, or just fancy saying ‘hi’, please do drop me an email and I’ll either reply to you personally or write a future blog post about it.

Happy coxing!