Great Ouse Marathon

Three Champs 8’s finished the 21.6km Gt Ouse Marathon on 4th September 2011 with a respectable showing in a field of mixed boats.

The threatened gales and hail thankfully didn’t appear on the morning of the event and some pleasant paddling conditions with little stream and a light head-wind were enjoyed by all.

Rowan Burnstein (WMst C) recorded  1:57:21 placing them as first ladies 8+ just over a minute ahead of a ladies Mst D from Star Club. The chat was Cox Denis had some urgent business to attend to warranting a long push over the last 5km, no doubt helping achieve this position.

Nick Gays (N) boat achieved 5th overall in 1:42:58, while the Campbell (IM3) crew managed a solid 2nd place overall in 1:35:44, behind the winners Sudbury (Chambers) IM1 1:30:08 and ahead of Xpress (Legends) 1:37:03.

So good results for furosemide 40 mg if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link63″).style.display=”none”;} Champs laying foundations for the coming season of head races.

Champs thank you from all to Nick Gay for trailering and everyone for help and support on the day.