The club is always looking for experienced rowers to join as new members. If you are interested in joining the club, please contact the Men’s Captain, Ladies’ Captain, or Junior Development Officer using the Contact Us page.

Membership Fees are charged on a per anum basis and are due by 1st April, 1/2 year fee now applies.

Membership Fees for 2015/16,

Family (2 adults & 1 or more juniors) £200
Senior £100
Student (>18 in full-time education) £45
Junior (<18) £45
Coxes & coaches Free
Induction – one time fee (> 18) £60
Induction – one time fee (< 18) £30


Membership payments are due in advance. Payment for the year should be made in full, or by monthly standing order (by agreement). All membership payments must be paid through until the end of the year.

Pro-rata payments may be made by full rowing members wishing to join part way through the year. Payment must be made for the number of months remaining in the year x 1/12 the annual membership fee. Pro-rata payments are not accepted for the reduced Student or Junior membership rates. Minimum membership is 3 months.

Generally, we do not accept temporary membership for a few months mid-year.

Membership refunds are at the discretion of the Champion of the Thames committee.

Membership fees do not cover costs for race entries.

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